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Smart Solar - FAQ’s
General Questions: Water Features
I have bought a Smart Solar water feature and some parts are missing, what do I do?
Consult instructions which came with the product, find the name/code of the part needed and email Customer Services at uksupport@sgpuk.com.
I have tried all the trouble shooting tips in my instructions but my water feature still doesn’t work. What do I do?
Please make sure first that on at least a reasonably bright or sunny day, the solar panel(s) are completely exposed to sunlight. If part or all of the solar panel is in shade, the water feature will likely not work.

If this is still the case, make a note of the product code and QC Passed number and email this to Customer Services at uksupport@sgpuk.com. Items that are within the Warranty will need a copy of the Proof of Purchase to validate any claim.
I want to return my product. What do I do?
If you do not want to contact Smart Solar for troubleshooting or warranty replacement parts and you want to return your product, then you will need to contact the retailer you purchased it from and return it to them for a refund. Please do not return your product directly back to Smart Solar as we are a trade only manufacturer and you would not have purchased it directly from our company. Smart Solar is not responsible for any goods returned to us without authorisation or any costs associated with unauthorised returns.

Where is my order?
Shipping within 14 working days.
If I break my product or a part of it can I buy replacement parts?
You can purchase some replacement parts for our products by clicking on ‘Spare Parts’ on this website, although please note that only the parts listed are available.
My product doesn’t work and I have lost my instructions. What should I do?
Email Customer Services at uksupport@sgpuk.com with the product code and name and we will forward a copy of the instructions to you.

Please note – the solar panels are long lasting and failures are very rare, so any fault is far more likely to be due a pump issue than the solar panel.
Can I put stones, plants or fish in my Smart Solar water feature?
You can use stones and fake plants in your water feature but you will need to clean them regularly to ensure the pump filter does not become clogged.  We do not recommend having fish or real plants in our water features as they are not designed for this purpose.
Do I have to clean the pump?
We recommend that basic maintenance is carried out on the pump every few weeks to ensure optimum performance. This is very quick and easy. All instructions have a section dedicated to pump maintenance.
My pump starts running normally at first, but then stops pumping and runs loudly. What should I do?
Check the water level, since there could be insufficient water in the reservoir, due to evaporation, which may then cause the pump to run dry which is not recommended. If the water level is sufficient, then carry out the pump maintenance in case anything has got into the impeller housing.

If the problem persists make a note of the product code and QC Passed number on the pump itself and email Customer Services at uksupport@sgpuk.com.
Do I have to clean the solar panel?
We recommend regular cleaning of the solar panel every couple of months to maintain the optimum conversion of the sun’s energy into direct current. To clean, use a tissue and either warm soapy water or a window cleaning solution. Do not use abrasive or corrosive substances on your solar panel.
Where can I find the model and QC Passed numbers for my pump and solar panel?
For pumps:
On the side and the QC Passed number is on the white label on the underside of the pump

For solar panels:
On the labels on the back of the solar panel.
Do I need to clean the water in my water feature?
We recommend that you change the water on a regular basis, since dirty water can affect the quality and performance of your product. You may also add water cleaning liquids available from most aquatics centres.
What can I do or use to keep the water clean in my fountain?
Whilst any water should be fine to use, if possible you use distilled or rain water to prevent scale build-up if you have hard water in your area. If you have any problems with algae, there are numerous products on the market that can help with this and these are available at aquatic retail outlets that sell water features or over the internet.
Can I keep my product outside during the winter?
We strongly recommend that your water feature is stored away during the winter months or if frost is forecast. Any damage caused by exposure to frost will not be covered by the Warranty.
Whereabouts should I position my product in the garden?
The product should be situated in a location where most sunlight is present for the longest amount of time. Most solar water features, or their solar panels if separate from the feature itself, can be moved to optimise their position facing into the sun.
General Information: Solar Lights
Solar lights are designed to charge a re-chargeable battery during the day via the solar panel and automatically come on at night; the expected light time is determined by the amount of exposure the solar panel receives during the day and how bright a day it has been.
Typical light times are as follows;
Spring:     2-5 hours
Summer:  Up to 6 hours
Autumn:   2-5 hours
Winter:     0-2 hours
The batteries do not charge in very dull overcast conditions.
All lights come with batteries pre-installed and can be replaced when needed.
Lights with a battery ‘Tab’
For lights that have a ‘Tab’ operation is simple, remove the ‘Tab’ and place in a sunny position, the solar panel will charge the re-chargeable battery during the day and when it gets dark the light sensor will activate the light automatically with no need to handle the light.
Lights with an ‘On/Off’ switch
Lights with an ‘On/Off’ switch are not usually tabbed. The light needs to be switched ‘On’ to enable the light sensor to activate the lights when it gets dark.
The lights will have one of the following settings; ‘White/Off’, ‘Colour/Off’ or White/Colour/Off’. White means white light, Colour means colour changing light.
The lights are designed to charge in both the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ setting. The ‘Off’ setting gives the option to ‘Boost Charge’ the battery by not turning on the light until switched back “On” again, and we recommend doing this periodically for 48-72 hours.
My lights are not working what should I do?
Check that the lights are switched ‘On’ and any ‘Tabs’ have been removed. Check the battery is in place and correctly positioned. If the problem persists make a note of the Model number and ROHS number and email Customer Services at uksupport@sgpuk.com. Items that are within the Warranty will need a copy of the Proof of Purchase to validate any claim.
For standard battery lights and lanterns please refer to the operating instructions provided with the product or email Customer Services at uksupport@sgpuk.com with the model number of the light.
Where can I find out about Smart Garden Products range?
You can view our extensive range of products on our website, we do not sell to the consumer markets but you will find our products at various Garden Centres, Retail Outlets and Internet Retailers.